Boston Escape

Boston Escape Summary

A Road Trip Romance by USA Today Bestselling author Melissa Belle

She trusts him with her body…but can she trust him with her heart?


I’m taking a mancation.
A vacation without men.
The reason? I always pick jerks. Sure, my best friend from college just married a hot billionaire, and he’s perfect, but my college ex was a billionaire too, and he sucked.

Then I find out who my travel companion is for my week off.

Gorgeous. Check.
Scratch that. Smoking hot.
Capable. Check.
Wealthy. Check, check.
Willing. Check, check, check.
Definitely all-male.

But he promises we’ll just be friends. Except I want to climb him and ride him and…we’re going to be sharing a motel room.

For an entire week.

I’m so screwed.


I decide to take a one week vacation to get across the country. So I sign up to be a shotgun rider. I just didn’t expect my traveling companion to be so gorgeous.

And sweet.
And funny.
And determined to stay the heck away from the male species.

But I can’t let her go.
So I tell her she’s not my type.
Too peppy.
All lies.

I want her so badly I’m shaking. And I have to survive an entire week not touching this woman.

I’m completely screwed…

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Boston Escape5 star



Boston escape5 star

By Melissa Belle So cute! And kept me entertained! Bookbub55


Boston Escape3 star

The story was well written in the beginning. The last was very rushed and felt like an afterthought. Good storyline and decent chemistry.35

Ruth Kelleher

BOSTON EXCAPE by: Melissa Belle5 star

Extremely well written! Best book I have read in 20 years! This book pure EXCELLENT!55


4 stars4 star

Fun, fun love story!45


Awesome Romance5 star

😍💋👍 I absolutely loved this road trip story. It was steamy and sweet, and the backstory was unique and kept my attention. Due to her past, the heroine was guarded about men and swore she could never trust again, but the hero was patient and proved himself to her in the end. Definitely recommend — love the rest of the Boston Boys also. 💋😍55


Bored to death 😴😴😴🥱🥱🥱🥱👎👎👎1 star

She lost me after the first few chapters 👎👎🥱🥱😴😴🥱👎👎👎15

Toni Anderson

Wayyyy too long.1 star

Just way too long.15


Road Trip Romance!5 star

This is a fun and emotional road trip romance — loved this book! Paris and Caleb are sweet and hot together. Recommend!55

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