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Can he prove he’s the only man for her? A contemporary cowboy love triangle romance by USA Today Bestselling author Melissa Belle.   


Brayden Wild was my first kiss. The Montana football star with the cowboy boots and sexy tattoo. He salvaged my heart from a bad choice I wish I never made, on a night I wish I could forget.

But that was twelve years ago. And since then, I’ve been wise enough to play it safe. Certain. Risk-free.

Until I go to the store and spill granola all over…Brayden Wild. He’s still rocking a wild mess of blond hair. He’s still sexy as hell. 

My smooth reaction? I trip and fall on him. And then I run off like a frightened deer.

Because I still WANT him.

But I’m getting married in a month. 


Leleila Wills. The bookish, teenage girl with the sad, beautiful eyes and killer body who electrified me at first sight—is now a grown woman living here in Mountainview. I finally know her name. I finally have a second chance to ask her out. But I can’t.

Because I DON’T go after women who are taken. Ever.

I try to focus on coaching my football team and on taking care of things at the ranch. So why can’t I get her the hell out of my head?

I tell myself it’s because she needs a friend. I mean, what kind of tool stands up his wife-to-be before their wedding dance class? But the truth is…

I like Leleila’s awkward, quirky personality. And I can’t deny how my body’s on fire whenever she’s nearby.

I’ve got one month to get to know her the way I wanted to twelve years ago, even if it’s only as her friend. That will have to be enough.

So what the hell will I do if it’s not?

Book Reviews


Brayden5 star

Great read55


4 stars4 star

Really enjoyable, lots of heart. Characters have depth.45


This happened to a colleague...5 star

So. Much. Chemistry. Loved the hero and heroine and their unique backstory. And loved the PhD storyline — this same thing happened to a colleague of mine at a top university with her dissertation — nice to see it portrayed accurately.55


Loved the chemistry!5 star

So realistic and genuine — I adored this story.55


The Dissertation Part3 star

The book was alright. I feel like the build up of their chemistry is a bit forced. And I hate reading books with girls in relationships that are sooo obviously controlling and demeaning but they can’t see it or admit it, which is 100% realistic and how these things usually go. My biggest issue with this book was the whole thing about her dissertation and the data being flawed. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone but it made me wonder if this author has her phd or tried to get one? I don’t understand on a advisor doesn’t actively stop you if your DATA is flawed but tells someone else to tell you?? Take it rom a current PhD student who is currently distracting herself while she waits for APA internship invites, the whole data was flawed issue is unrealistic. Like who was her chair?? Where was her committee?? Sometimes it’s your advisor but clearly this advisor was no help. My chair had to approve everything and my committee has to be in agreement. If my data is flawed, there’s no way he’s going to let me get to the point of of writing up the results sections let alone defending it in front of a panel. It’s makes him look just as bad because he’s name is tacked on it too.35


Twelve years apart and they are still right for each other5 star

Twelve years ago he saved her and gave her her first kiss. She ran and they didn’t trade names. Now she’s run into him again and suddenly all the “safe” choices she’s made in her life seem questionable. His name is Brayden and he’s working part time for her sister in order to get enough money together to buy a ranch of his own. Leleila’s been taking the safe road ever since the incident 12 years ago and finds herself engaged to a man that ignores her, she failed her dissertation and she’s preparing to go to Africa after her wedding. In the meantime she’ll help her sister. June, her sister, immediately sees a connection between them and since she hates her sisters fiance, she doesn’t hesitate to give a little prod here and there. When her fiancé bails on a dance class, Brayden steps in, as a friend and they spend time getting to know each other. This is a wonderful story about two people who are perfect for each other and have been since the first time they saw each other. Now, as adults they’ll have to weigh their options for the future. I loved the characters in the book. Both Leleilani and Brayden were well developed and their story took the main stage. Lei’s sister June was very helpful and the fiancé was a waste of time. They had to deal with a number of obstacles including her ptsd from the event 12 years ago and he didn’t want to poach someone who belonged to another guy. One question from Brayden explains everything—she is going to Africa after the wedding and he asks if she wants to go—no one has asked her until now. She’s allowed herself to be pushed around but now, for Brayden she’ll make a stand. (I voluntarily reviewed an ARC),55

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