Clutch Summary

18+ for language and sexual situations…

The Burning Saints Motorcycle Club is the only family Clutch has known, and violence his only stock-in-trade. Humanity has handed him nothing but pain and struggle, and he’s come to expect even less from it. As an orphan, he’s always found it easier to bond with machines than with people. Now his club family is in danger of losing its way, its identity, even its very existence. 

Dr. Gina Gardner is newly single, completely unprepared to mingle, and as it turns out, cannot sing and safely operate a motor vehicle at the same time. What she craves is time away to figure out what she wants. What she just might get, however, is a detour to what she needs. 

When Clutch and Gina find themselves at the same crossroad, will they speed by each other, collide in a fiery crash, or blaze a new trail together?

2nd Edition/2020 Edition

Book Reviews


Biker and the one5 star

This story just goes to show you can’t help who you fall in love with. Loved the story. Ready to read the next one. Thank you for such a great read!55


Recommended4 star

I wasn’t sure about Clutch after reading Minus, but I really enjoyed him here. Gina just seemed too indecisive to me, and for a professional in her 30’s she seemed much younger. Clutch is struggling with the changes in the club because he is now unsure of his place there. He thought Gina was unavailable, but unbeknownst to him she is recently divorced, and their plan for a one night stand doesn’t go the way they expect. So overall I really liked this book, and will start reading Ropes today.45

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