Crown Me

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"Convincing and full of drama..." People Magazine

As the world tried to tear us apart, Alexander fought for me, claiming me as his own. I belong to him body, heart, and soul. I found strength in his dominance.

In his control.

In his love.

Still, I can always feel the darkness creeping toward our joy, threatening to overcome us. But I never imagined it would end like this.

I thought I knew what marrying Alexander meant to my life, to my independence, to us.

I was wrong.

​It's the wedding of the century complete with the scandals, lies, and murder that only New York Times bestseller Geneva Lee could deliver...

Book Reviews


Meh3 star

Fun read because I’m all about the fantasy and drama and hot sex, but Clara is seriously the most selfish, self involved character I’ve ever read. I don’t even want to finish the book at this point, bc she’s not evolving as a character. She seriously only ever thinks about herself, which is ridiculous considering everything else that’s supposedly going on in their lives.35


Crown me4 star

Good series 1-3. Haven’t read the next romance story line spin-off. Steamy,hot, romance with a lot of drama throughout.45


Crown me5 star

OMG...this series is so hot, if you liked fifty shades you'll love this story. Alexander is captivating and alluring. The things he says makes you feel week in the knee. Carley in her own right gives him a run for his money. I could not put these books down. I'm fascinated with this new author to me and look forward to Belle's story. I loved all the characters and banter. A great read. Highly recommend!!!!55


Alexander and Clara5 star

I give this series 5 stars could not put down can't wait to read the next 3 books in this series thank you:)55


Crown Me: Alexander and Clara #35 star

I truly enjoyed this book and it made me feel apart of the story.....Alexander and Clara did find true love and he honestly learned to love his Princess......I got caught up in this book from beginning to end honestly worth a read..brilliant.55


Loved it!!5 star

I can't tell you the last time I've actually read a full book to the end because nothing seems to hold my attention. But this book was a pleasant surprise, I couldn't put this book down. I felt all of the emotions while reading this book and I absolutely loved it. I'm looking forward to reading more of your books. 😀55


Wonderful read5 star

This series is absolutely one of my favorites...I love the characters in this fairy tale .....55

3 martinis

Fabulous5 star

All three books were awesome. Just went to London and everything was spot on.55


Poppet Love5 star

I LOVE this series. Im sad that Alex and Poppet's story ends....55

Dennis' Mommy

Amazing end to an amazing story5 star

Tons of action, sexiness, and surprises. Clara & Alexander's story ends exactly the way it should with no loose ends. Happily Ever After.55

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