Destroyed: An Urban Fantasy Romance

Destroyed: An Urban Fantasy Romance Summary

Accept the world as it is, or do something to destroy it. In the final book of Bridget E. Baker's epic urban fantasy, find out the answers to all the questions that have been driving you mad! 

The powers gathered against Chancery have been vanquished, and she has finally conquered the other five familes and assembled their stones. All she needs to do is rejoin the final stones and locate the garden so that she can fulfill the prophecy. 

But not all her enemies stood outside the gates. 

When her direst enemy strikes, she's woefully unprepared. She's willing to suffer the consequences of her lack of judgment, but her failure means the destruction of billions of lives. Can Chancery make the sacrifices necessary to redeem her misplaced faith, or will the Sons of Gilgamesh bring to pass the utter destruction prophesied from the beginning?

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Epic ending5 star

... Time to go beg Baker for a spin-off series.55


epic.5 star

EPIC FINALE! We finally get some resolution to Chancery's love story (WHO DOES SHE CHOOSE!?!?) and then just when you think it's over, you find out that there is SO MUCH MORE to her mission than we all previously thought. This was the perfect ending to one of my favorite book series of all time. ALL HAIL BRIDGET E BAKER!!!55

MOM(mom of a Marine)

Wow5 star

I LOVE this series. I don’t usually read past the first or second book in a series. BUT I was never bored. One of the things I loved was getting to know each character.55


The Ending5 star

I told myself I would be disappointed if she didn’t end up with my favorite character... As time went on I was less and less hopeful that it would end the way I wanted it to, but somehow she pulled it off. It was a very satisfying ending! ❤️55

C&C 1996

What an ending5 star

I loved this series and the narrator is awesome. I was disappointed at first because the book wasn’t going the direction I had hoped. There is a lot of tragedy in this series. But spoiler. There is a happy ending. It is bitter sweet. I wasn’t ready for the series to be over. I am not saying more. You have to read the book.55

Stuckey mom

Powerful conclusion to the series5 star

Every book in this series kept the reader on their toes with plot twists and new information revealed and this final book takes that to a whole new level. Read them all and then read this to see how it all wraps up.55

writers pencil

Riveting, poignant conclusion5 star

Chancery has finally collected all of the rings to fulfill the prophecy of rejoining the staridium stones. Along the way she has made enemies and allies, winning the respect of both. Her two strongest supporters, Edam and Noah, are vying to take a place at her side. And her sisters are working with her to help her bring order to the world and save the humans from the Sons of Gilgamesh. But when she is betrayed by family, and when fulfilling the prophecy means a sacrifice she never expected, can Chancery find the strength to do what’s right? The previous six books have introduced so many details, so many mysteries, and this one brings them all together for a shocking but deeply satisfying conclusion to the saga. I loved how things came full circle: from Mahalesh’s daughters quarreling and the staridium splitting to Enora’s daughters coming together and the stone rejoining. I loved seeing the growth of each character throughout. Chancery grows from insecure teenager to confident, wise woman, but slowly. She knows the value of depending on friends and family rather than trying to run the world by herself. Edam and Noah also mature, growing less selfish and more noble, until they are able to work together to protect Chancery. This book is full of hope and joy and devastation and grief and rebirth. It beautifully completes the journey, going beyond expectations to deliver a masterpiece of woven details, and leaving the reader with the sense that there may yet be hope for this world.55

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