Fierce at Heart

Fierce at Heart Summary

He's a new firefighter with a lot to prove, and she's the former army captain who just wants to open a bakery and start a new life.

Adam Kincaid wants to be known as his own person: not the easiest thing to do as the youngest of five brothers in a small town where everyone knows exactly who his family is. Unexpectedly getting hitched to his former army captain wasn't quite what he had in mind, though.

Isla Peterson knows exactly what she's gotten herself into with the younger Kincaid: a marriage of convenience. In return, she gets a bakery of her own, and the company of a friend who has as little faith in love as she does.

But as their public charade starts to feel surprisingly real behind closed doors, Isla's ex-husband shows up, asking all the wrong questions. If the truth of their relationship comes out, the safety they've found could come crashing down.

Welcome back to Pine Harbour, in this sexy small town romance about two friends who don't believe in love, but do believe in each other.

Book Reviews


Found a new favorite book boyfriend5 star

Adam and Isla’s journey together is wonderful. Just the right amount of self-doubt with personal growth to make an interesting story. Both characters are kind, caring, and strong - it’s easy to root for them!55


Return to Pine Harbour5 star

Loved Isla & Adam’s unusual story along with watching them understand their past & learn to love.55


Great read!5 star

Two wounded hearts try to protect themselves from falling in love but end up there despite themselves. A wonderful read!55


Simply the best!5 star

Every Zoe York book I read is even better than the previous one, which confuses me because how can awesome get any better. From page one, I am instantly wrapped in a blanket of warm expectation, just knowing I’m going to fall in love with her characters, even as they may be fighting their love for each other. As much as I loved grumpy oldest brother Owen, I adore his baby brother Adam 1000% more. How can this giving, funny, dedicated man not realize than he can love, and love deeply. Even just his interactions in book one with his niece showed this reader everything she needed to know about his heart. But from the first moment he reconnected with Isla and he really made everything about their marriage about her, I was convinced his center was more gooey than the center of a marshmallow dream bar. While I’m sure many will categorize this story as a marriage of convenience tale, to me it’s the purest example of friends to lovers. Grown up friends who are forming a bond much different than one that kids and teens do in most from that genre. Not better, not worst...but different and so very delightful. So while I know I’ll enjoy the rest of the Kincaid brothers’ fall into love, Adam and Isla will remain my favorite couple of the series. But don’t that stop you, Ms. York, from trying to convince me otherwise!55

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