Game, Set, Match

Game, Set, Match Summary

On the court, I’m down forty-love…

I am a cautionary tale…The tennis golden boy who trusted the wrong person. And now my image and my body have taking a beating. But I’m wiser now. I won’t make the same mistake again.  All I have to do is convince the woman I loved and left behind to trust me again.

My career and my heart depend on it.

Easier said than done. Good thing I’m up for the challenge. Game on.

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4 stars4 star

Good romance.45


Empty1 star

The summary and the book were just wasted space. The books summary was lacking in more ways than one. There was no actual clear plot laid out in the synopsis. So confused about the summary, the weird point of view the chapters were written in, etc.15


Just the right balance5 star

This book was funny, romantic, sexy, and a complete page turner. I was in the mood to read about a Black female lead, and this book brought it. Never went overboard on race or looks although it was mentioned properly throughout the book to help maintain a visual and to remind us, the readers, the issues contributed to the plot. Izzy is an admirable character, Nick and Jessica were fun, Sabrina and Simon brought the dynamics, and Jason brought a lot of heart! My only criticism was the ending seemed really rushed. Like all of a sudden in a couple of short chapters, everything was resolved! Odd but the journey to the end was quite enjoyable!55

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So2 star

SetL ảD25

Precious 2

A....MAZING is all I have to say4 star

I downloaded this book out of sheer boredom and I do not regret it. I absolutely loved this book. When I started reading it I couldn't put it down. It was very funny and relatable. I do feel like the ending was a little rushed but nevertheless it was an incredible. I've downloaded more book from her and I would definitely recommend this series to anyone interesting in funny romances books.45


Amazing bro5 star

Best book ever. Read it , it'll give you hope55


Loved it5 star

Really enjoyed reading this, now if only I can get my hands on my 'Jason' 🙏🏽❤️55

Bored girl 323

Amazing5 star

I was laying down on my bed bored as always until I read this it's really good. Read it now💖!!!!!!!!!!!!55


Great story!5 star

I loved this book! I'm a sucker for romance and this was a great punch! Loved how easy it was for me to attach to the characters.55


Awesome Read!!!5 star

This is a great book! Very suspenseful. It kept my attention and not wanting to stop reading it. I will recommend it!55

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