Here and Now (Forever and Always #13)

Here and Now (Forever and Always #13) Summary

The thirteenth installment of the Forever and Always Series

Mike takes each day one at a time as he tries to move on from Cassandra. But she’s constantly in his thoughts and on his mind. When his friends encourage him to move on, he can’t do it. And when an old flame throws herself at him, Mike still can’t fall through with it. But he doubts his relationship with Cassandra ever meant anything. If she left so easily, did she ever really love him?

Hazel continues to see Flynn, and she’s surprised when the girls aren’t drooling over him and trying to get his attention. He only has eyes for her and constantly proves he’s a trustworthy guy. When he meets the gang, Hazel is surprised by the reaction, Cortland’s most of all.

Sean deal with his parents divorce and realizes there’s nothing he can do to stop it. When he finally visits his mother, he’s surprised by how different she is. She isn’t the cruel and insufferable woman she used to be. He wonders if that will be enough for his father to stick around.

Ryan and Janice plan their wedding, but when Janice puts a ridiculous cost of the wedding on the table, Ryan snaps and World War III breaks out. But instead of Janice using her sinister moves on Ryan as punishment, the tables are turned.

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