Hottie Lumberjack

Hottie Lumberjack Summary

I have my reasons for walking into Chelsea Singer's cupcake shop with an axe. Too bad I've forgotten what they are.

Hell, I forgot my own name the second she flashed those blue eyes and offered up a double-fudge cupcake with Irish cream frosting. I may look like a grumpy lumberjack, but I'm a softie for sweets, single moms, and my massive, messy family.

The family stuff gets messier now that we're running a resort together on our late-father's ranch, which brings my siblings that much closer to discovering I'm not who they think I am.

As things heat up with Chelsea, I'm falling faster than an old-growth redwood filled with buttercream and lit on fire and then maybe chopped into kindling. It's a figure of speech, okay?

And it's damned inconvenient, since it turns out someone wants to hurt Chelsea and her daughter. But they'll have to get through me first.

And no way in hell will that happen.

Book Reviews


Hottie Lumberjack5 star

I’ve waited patiently for Marks story.. and it was so good. Funny, loving and just plain down to earth. Absolutely the best so far55


5 stars5 star

Goofy title, but this is a funny and sweet story. A bit of mystery, too.55


Hottie lumberjack3 star

Not much substance but was a light, quick read. It was pretty enjoyable. Story doesn’t waste time in getting Mark and Chelsea together which I liked. Story wasn’t bad.35


Good read5 star

Happy ending and humor. I enjoyed everything about this book.55


Hottie Lumberjack4 star

A really 4 1/2 stars . Entertaining, great story. Had me in a lot of laughter. ♥️’ it TY so much45


Ok2 star

Cute story but writing and language seemed immature at times.25


Hard to tell which is the female1 star

“He” is the biggest woosey I’ve ever had the misfortune to attempt to read about.15


Hilarious5 star

I love Mark and the non-verbals or short answers55


Hottie Lumberjack5 star

Sweet read!!! Loved the characters!55


Just loved it!5 star

The characters are just great in this series and to see the big teddy bear fall hard was so romantic! This story contains lots of secrets on both sides with life altering events when they come out! To love and family!55

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