If I Can't Have You

If I Can't Have You Summary

Abby Davison only wants to focus on her career as a nurse, as she has no time for dating after a bad breakup over a year ago. When her mother presses her about settling down, Abby tells her a little white lie: she’s dating Mark Thornton, the handsome and gruff rancher who both frustrates and makes her heart flutter every time they meet.

When Mark overhears Abby's lie, he decides to cut her a deal: to keep his silence regarding their make-believe relationship, she'll come to live with him on his ranch until his broken arm heals. 

Despite her wounded pride and initial trepidation, Abby can’t help but begin to fall for the guarded Thornton brother as the days pass on his ranch.

The black sheep of the family, Mark makes no secret that he prefers horses over people. His brusque exterior, though, only conceals hidden depths and a wounded heart that Abby understands all too clearly.

As feelings start to bloom between them, neither is sure what is real and what’s make-believe. Yet the sizzling attraction between them is anything but fake, and with every kiss and every touch, they fall harder for each other.

But as their pasts begin to creep toward them, unearthing secrets both would rather keep buried, Abby and Mark must learn to trust each other—or risk losing the love both never knew they needed.

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Another underdeveloped love story3 star

I didn’t like Derek, but taking that character from a jackass ex-boyfriend to a homicidal maniac in a chapter was just poor story development. No explanation. No hints of a dark past. Just a convenient and unworthy plot device to create tension. It’s turned me off from wanting to read the other stories in the series. The sad part is that you had a good story. You just didn’t trust it...or you didn’t trust yourself to tell it.35


If I can’t have You5 star

Very good reading. love the story. Read in 1 day.55


Love this4 star

Good beach read or rainy day love story Enjoy45


Love on the Range2 star

This story has interesting characters who both have self esteem issues, making it difficult for either to believe that someone else will love them just as they are.25


If I Can’t have You5 star

Really liked this quirky love story. Sweet and romantic at times but with ups and downs throughout. Bit of a surprise at the end.55


Sweet5 star

A very sweet love story with a very sweet ending for two wonderful characters. I loved it.55

Disappointed - DNP

Needs more proofreading3 star

Right at the best part of the story, there is a proofreading error. Prior to that error I'd have given 5stars. Proofreading can make a break a story. It is truly worth the extra effort to read again & again & again & yet again.35


If I can’t have you.5 star

I really enjoyed this book....great job.55

Jan in Ky

If I Can’t Have You5 star

Great read about hurting people finding each other.55


If I can’t have you5 star

Loved the characters and can’t wait to read the rest in this series55

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