Just One Night

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You should sleep with a stranger, her best friend whispered in her ear—and so begins the intense, erotic journey of Kasie Fitzgerald in Book One of the Just One Night series, a blockbuster bestseller and “an uplifting story in which sex is presented both as freedom and as a metaphor for power” (Publishers Weekly).

Kasie Fitzgerald knows who she’s supposed to be. Responsible. Reliable. Predictable. She’s an ambitious workaholic who is devoted to the sensible man she plans to marry. But one wild, impulsive night in Vegas is about to open her eyes up to who she wants to be...

Trying her sexy new dress and her luck at a blackjack table, Kasie meets him.Intense. Flirtatious. Dangerous. She accepts his invitation for a drink...and then to his hotel room. She doesn’t know his name. But she’ll never forget the sex. Hard. Thrilling. Explosive.

So when her mystery man later shows up at her office unexpectedly, she succumbs to his mastery, both in bed and in the boardroom. There’s no telling where the powerful, wealthy Robert Dade will lead her. But there’s also no resisting her desire...however far she’ll go under its spell.

The only question is who she’ll be when the journey ends.

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I Loved It!!5 star

It does give the 50 shades vibes but this is so much better!! 👍🏽55


I wouldn't recommend.2 star

This book reads like a 80's cheesy porn. Yet I'm still reading it, I can't help but to find out how this ends.25


Just one night4 star

I liked this book, it took me through a lot of emotions, I could really feel how the character felt. I was not sure how this book was going to end and it made me anxious to see how it played out. I will look for books by this author!45

Are they all taken?

Potential3 star

I liked the concept and most of the book but some of the gratuitous sex scenes played out like a bad porn movie. I also didn't leave the book as invested in the character's futures as I normally would. Love Robert but couldn't latch on to Kasie as much.35

bassoon writer

Good, but...4 star

First of all, let me say that I love this author's writing. It is evocative and eloquent. In fact, it was the good writing that kept me going through this sometimes-too-dark book. Don't get me wrong; I loved that this was more than just a copy of the 50 Shades-style that's become so popular (and overdone, IMHO). I suppose I just didn't expect that from the synopsis. And there were times I despaired of a positive end. I'm glad I persevered, though, as things were wrapped up nicely. I will be sure to look for other Kyra Davis books.45

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