Lacey Summary

Nine months later...

Lacey Jerome had always fought her attraction to sexy police officer Cameron James, but one crazy night, she let her hair down and fell into bed with him. Their night together turned more passionate, more soul-scorching than she’d imagined it could be, but mixed messages from Conner had her fleeing the scene.

Now, she's back in Wirralong with the memories of their one-night stand etched into her mind and a mission to reconnect with the man who made her lose her head in the most delicious manner.

Cameron never forgot Lacey -- and not for lack of trying. He has his own restrictive code, but somehow his thoughts always manage to wander to the newly returned beauty. He has questions and Lacey knows all the answers.

Book Reviews


Beautiful babies5 star

Unexpected pregnancies & births, falling in love also unexpected. A whirlwind romance with a midwife and a policeman who would have thought. Nothing goes as planned. Can’t wait to read the next book in the series.55


Lacey5 star

Great story and romance. Glad there was a happy ending. Will have to read more of your books. Thanks!55


Fun4 star

This was a fun read. The family interaction was very believable.45


4 stars4 star

Touching story.45


Lacey5 star

Great read55


Great book!4 star

I enjoyed the storyline line and the characters. It seemed to take Lacey quite a time to make up her mind so maybe a bit over the top there. Generally, I enjoyed the book very much.45


Short4 star

I liked this book just wish it was a tad longer and left out unnecessary characters.45

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