Newport Beginnings

Newport Beginnings Summary

It took only one summer to save a beach house and turn Carrie's perfectly planned life upside down.

It took Jen and her best friends Carrie and Faith all summer to save the beach house. And none of them could have realized how much it would change their lives.  Jen's making a new life for herself in Newport, facing new challenges and new relationships. The beginning of the school year calls Faith back to her kindergarten classroom while she tries to juggle that and her job at the boutique. 

But Carrie—Carrie's life is about to be turned completely upside down when the stepdaughter she thought she'd lost forever turns up on her doorstep. And as she navigates life with a teenager and her own mother is no help at all, she counts her blessings that she has Faith and Jen to help her through in this heart-warming story about mothers, daughters and all the joys challenges that go with them. Stop by the Newport Harbor House in sunny southern California, have one of Nana's muffins and catch up on what's happening.  This book can be read as a standalone story, but you can find out more about how they all got in these predicaments by reading Book 1, Newport Harbor House. 


Newport Harbor House (Book 1)

Newport Beginnings (Book 2)

A Newport Sunrise (Book 3)

Book Reviews


Great Series!5 star

Warm and heartfelt friendships that have lasted many years, through the good times and heartbreaks.55


My old stomping grounds5 star

Loved this one. It takes place in an area I grew up in. It was fun to recognize places I knew very well. Like the fun zone. Eating frozen chocolate bananas. The Dory fishermen area next to the Newport pier where we bought fresh caught fish. Fishing off the pier. I went to kindergarten there and graduated from Newport High school in Newport Heights. It brought so many memories. Lido Isle. Home of several movie stares, John Wayne among them.55


Light read5 star

Enjoyed as light reading55

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