Only for Tonight

Only for Tonight Summary

Spotting a hooker on a city street corner is not an abnormal thing.

Me bringing one home? Well, that's a first.

But this girl . . . She's in trouble.

And this a*****e is not a guy she wants to go home with.

So I do the exact thing I shouldn't—I offer to bring her home with me instead. 

She says this is the first time she's ever done this, which is adorably ironic. Then proceeds to tell me a sob story about needing money to care for the baby who was left on her doorstep. That's when my stomach starts to clench. I think she might be telling the truth. 

So I do what any respectable man would do—I take her home, stopping to pick up diapers and formula on the way—and discover that she was telling the truth all along.

I should have just kept walking.

I should have done a thousand other things except for barge into her sad life, offer to fix everything, fall for her . . .

Please note, this title was previously published as Finding Alexei

Book Reviews


Only For Tonight5 star

Great read55


As usual....super cute!5 star

She is one of my favorite authors. Love her books...💗55

Crazy not lazy

Only For Tonight5 star

Very cute story. I thought it was unrealistic though. They never mention if she has a boy or a girl. Otherwise, good!55

jj goatgirl

Nice4 star

Good clean characters and a great happy ending. Love a male lead who is real and didn’t have to be a majorly reformed bad boy. Very sweet and nicely written story.45


Extremely Underdeveloped2 star

I agree with the other reviewer who commented on the shallowness of the characters, and I’d go a step further and say the entire book lacked depth. This had the potential to become a beautiful, thoughtful, complex story on what makes a family and overcoming hardships, but all of the scenes seemed as though they were cut off too quickly and we are given zero history of the characters apart from a couple of basics, like Ryleigh’s parents are dead and Alexei’s family is Russian (but neither of these contribute anything to the story, except for the fact that Ryleigh has to fend for herself). This book was simply poorly executed. :(25


Only for Tonight4 star

Enjoyed this book well written with great characters. Desperation leads Ryleigh to find an absolute true love.45


Only for tonight5 star

By kendall ryan What an amazing story! Want to get lost into a story this is the one! Bookbub55


Shallow, inconsistent characters2 star

I started off loving this book. Man goes out of his way to help a woman he’s inexplicably attracted to; who wouldn’t love it? However, the more I read, the more apparent it became how extremely shallow the characters are. We are given minimal background to understanding their motives. Then, the characters become inconsistent. The stubborn, independent heroin wouldn’t have just blatantly let the hero solve all her problems for her without a fight. Yet she did. I initially thought I would give this story a 5 star review, but it ended up being more like a 2. Great idea but the execution was flawed.25


Loved this book.5 star

Really enjoyed the simple plot and lack of drama. Just a nice romantic read.55


Finding Alexei is EVERYTHING!l5 star

I absolutely adore Kendall Ryan and Finding Alexei is a perfect example of why that is!! Alexei is complete perfection with swoon for days & Ryleigh is a breath of fresh air! Their chemistry was so strong it was almost palpable. A word of WARNING: once you start it, you won’t be able to stop until you’ve read the entire book, so be prepared!55

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