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To win her submission, he’ll have to lay to rest the dangerous ghosts of their past.

Isabella lost her husband years ago to his addictions. Abandoned in their silent home, rudderless, she lost herself, diminished to nothing. Now widowed, she’s returned a year after the funeral to finally dispose of that house. Alone. An epic mistake, with memories still echoing from the walls.

When his brother Marcos appears, holding out his hand to help, calling her Ella in that commanding voice, her insides go warm, pliable, willing. Soaking up the strength and calm she’s been sorely lacking.

An ex black-ops operative, Marcos Santos did the right thing. He let Ella go to the arms of his brother, thinking she’d be safer. He couldn’t have been more wrong. Now he’s determined to make the most of his second chance with the woman who’s never left his heart. The woman who trusted the wrong man to be her Master.

But before he can win the gift of her submission, he’ll have to lay the ghosts of their past to rest. Ghosts that are dangerous…and armed to the teeth.

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Perfect4 star

Hot Hot Hot45


Perfect5 star

Not how I expected the book to be or to finish! I enjoyed reading this book and am looking forward to reading more from this series and others from this author! Well written and full of emotions💕55


KaCee5 star

Hot exciting thrilling55

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