Rise of the Stone Court

Rise of the Stone Court Summary

Petra must brave the stronghold of the gods to rescue King Oberon before her father and the Unseelie claim Faerie . . .

Caught in a tug-of-war between three rulers—one of whom wants her dead—Petra made grave sacrifices to keep herself and her twin sister Nicole alive. But just surviving isn’t enough. The Unseelie are making their move on Faerie, and Seelie High King Oberon is still missing. If Oberon doesn’t return to defend his throne, the Unseelie will reign, Petra and Nicole will remain prisoners of their Unseelie blood father, and winter will descend on Faerie.

Petra has her hands full just trying to stay ahead of her blood father’s manipulations, but when her secret ally Jasper Glasgow reveals he’s located Oberon, Petra can’t ignore the call. She and Jasper will have to brave the stronghold of the gods to rescue Oberon—if the High King is even still alive.

Someone significant will not survive these turbulent times in Faerie. Who will pay with blood?

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Stone Blood Series by Jayne Faith:
1. Blood of Stone
2. Stone Blood Legacy
3. Rise of the Stone Court
4. Reign of the Stone Queen
5. War of the Fae Gods 6. The Oldest Changeling in Faerie

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