Rogue Prince: A Secret Prince Romantic Comedy

Rogue Prince: A Secret Prince Romantic Comedy Summary

An enemies-to-lovers, second chance romcom with a secret prince!
I’m the crown prince of Villroy, but instead of taking the king’s throne like I should have, my father got us all exiled. I’d complain, but he had good reason. Now our once royal family lives in Brooklyn, and I’m about to inherit a new kingdom: my uncle’s construction business. It’s an opportunity to build my real estate empire and make something of myself. All I need is an experienced person to help take it to the next level. And then the girl who grew up next door to me—all woman now—shows up with just the business experience I need.

Too bad Ariana Bianchi hates me. I used to think it was undeserved—fallout from our families’ longtime feud—but there was this one time…

I’m newly divorced and crashing at my parents’ house until I can get my life on track for my ultimate goal of having a baby with the help of a sperm bank. It’s the reason for my divorce—he didn’t want kids—and at thirty-one the clock is ticking. So when the gorgeous pig of a man, Dylan Rourke, shows up at my parents’ house to ask me to work as a consultant for his company, I see an opportunity. He wants something from me? Yeah, well, I want something in return, too.

Only Dylan makes this way more complicated than it needs to be.

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Book Reviews


Rogue Pronce5 star

Great read55


Royal love5 star

Wow royalty and commoners. Great love story. Can’t wait to read other books in the series55

i luv reading

Rogue prince4 star

I delightful read. Full of fun, family, and happy outcomes. Royalty always brings a smile to my face.45

Crazy not lazy

Rogue Prince4 star

It was sweet. That’s the only word that comes to mine. There wasn’t a plot, but the characters were believable.45


Rogue Prince5 star

Cute story. Loved the characters.55

Dalitza M

Kylie pens a fun and flirty lighthearted story5 star

Kylie Gilmore continues her Rourkes series with Rogue Prince, a royal romantic comedy about the oldest New York Rourke and the girl he thought had gotten away. Dylan Rourke has royal blood, but he’s about to inherit a very different kind of kingdom. His uncle’s construction company, with its very own challenges, responsibilities and expectations. That’s ok though because he has his brothers as co-owners to help out. Yet, if he wants to expand and branch out, he’ll need added help. Fortunately his next door neighbor just moved back. Unfortunately, she might hate his guts. After reassessing her priorities, Ariana Bianchi is back in Brooklyn and is certain of several things. She’s thirty-one-year-old divorcee who needs a job, wants a baby and clock is ticking. Two, Dylan Rourke might just be the answer to all of the above. Kylie pens a fun and flirty lighthearted story full of great banter, a sassy and determined heroine, a very loyal and charming hero with a, touching moments and hot sexy times. Both Ariana and Dylan are equally delightful characters. Their back story drew me in and kept me turning pages. I LOVED Ariana’s mother. I could practically picture her as the epitome of a New Yorker and revisiting King Gabriel and Queen Anna was lovely. Rogue Prince is book #7 of the Rourkes series by Kylie Gilmore. It’s a standalone, enemies to lovers romance, told from both points of view with a happy ending.55


Airy Fairy Meets Harley Man5 star

Ariana Bianchi thought she had it all, an awesome job, a loving husband, and a nice house...until she didn’t. Ariana wanted kids and her husband didn’t—at least not with her. After divorcing, Ariana returns home to figure out her life. The one thing she knows for certain is she wants kids. As soon as she finds a job and a place to live, Ariana is heading to the sperm bank! That is until she runs into her mortal enemy—Dylan. Dylan Rouke, aka Crown Prince of Villroy, is about to become CEO of his uncle’s construction business. While he will become CEO, the business will belong to he and his brothers equally. While it’s successful, Dylan wants to breathe new life into the business by adding a real estate venture. Dylan wants to rejuvenate Brooklyn and give back to the community by adding playgrounds or community centers for the children. He convinces his brothers to work with him in this venture, but he needs to find funding. His dad, who was exiled from Villroy for marrying a commoner, wants him to ask his cousin and current King of Villroy for the money. Dylan wants to find another way as it doesn’t feel right. When he discovers Ariana’s background in real estate can help him reach his goal, he offers to hire her as a consultant. Only she has a request of her own... I loved the Hatfield and McCoy feel to the story! Hilarious! If I had a mother like Ariana’s I’d HIDE! She’s what I envision as a true New Yorker! She almost steals the show with her antics. The sidewalk “chats” with Dylan’s mom, even though they were mortal enemies, were priceless! I enjoyed revisiting King Gabriel and Queen Anna. Mila was an absolute doll and PopPop—hugs! This was an EXCELLENT enemies to more story, a true fairy tale! I highly recommend this novel and can’t wait to read the rest of the series. I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.55


Dylan and Ariana5 star

Rogue Prince ( The Rourkes Book 7) by Kylie Gilmore is a romantic story that I loved reading. I loved Dylan who would of been king if it wasn’t for his father following his heart and married for love and having to advocate his throne in Villroy. Dylan’s inheritance is a construction company in Brooklyn. Ariana the girl next door returns home from California after her divorce and has always had a crush on Dylan but the families hate each other. Dylan and Ariana relationship is intense, funny and romantic. Their families are very involved in their relationship and Ariana mother wants her married so she could have a grandchild and pushes Dylan at her. Great beginning to the Rogue series and can’t wait to read about the rest of the Rogue Rourke brothers. I highly recommend reading this book. I received this book as an arc for an honest review of it.55


Dylan and Ariana5 star

Rogue Prince by Kylie Gilmore was a very well written story that was just a joy to read. OMG it had me laughing out loud and kept me smiling through out the whole book. In this book we get introduced to the American Rourkes, their father was exiled from the royal family of Villroy, He has made his home in Brooklyn and had his family. Now the oldest Dylan is getting ready to inherit a different kingdom his uncle’s construction company and maybe start a real estate company, but he is lacking the experience in the real estate part. That is where Ariana comes in she has the experience plus there is a bit of history between the two. She has returned home newly divorced and ready to find a job a place to live other then her parents place and ready to have a baby from a sperm donor. That is just the beginning to one great story I couldn’t put this book down, it is a must read one book I highly enjoyed and recommend. This is #7 in the series and I think this is my favorite, I absolutely loved Dylan and Ariana they had some great chemistry and passion. In my opinion the other characters just added so much more fun to this story, can’t wait for more. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.55

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