Saving Sofia

Saving Sofia Summary

He’d give his life to meet her. He just didn’t think it would actually come to that …

Sofia Russo thinks the cute guy in the life vest is just another tourist taking one of her Central Coast kayak outings. When an accident nearly turns him into shark bait, she learns that her client—an English professor from the local university—is an admirer who only signed up to get close to her.

Sofia has had a rough time since her parents’ deaths, and her budding relationship with Patrick Connelly comes as a welcome relief. As they grow closer, she begins to think he might not be the only one in need of rescue.

Saving Sofia is the first book in Linda Seed’s Russo Sisters series.

Book Reviews


Saving Sofia5 star

Love the book and the character in it. Can’t wait to read more!55


Saving Sofia5 star

There was so much to smile about, and laugh out loud about, when reading this book. The dialogue was fun and clever throughout. Every character’s personality came through and made it a joy to read. Happy moments, sad moments, tender expectations....lovely read!55

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Good4 star

Nice read, romantic.45


4stars4 star

Very, very sweet!45


A bit goofy, sometimes frustrating, sweet romance5 star

Enjoyed reading this romance! The characters are great and the storyline is good. There are ups and downs and you just have to cheer for Patrick.55


Ok3 star

Story was way to drawn out!! How old are you?35

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Mr. Too good to be true meets Miss High Maimtenance2 star

It was really hard to finish reading this one. I loved Ramon and Lucy and Bianca and Benny and Martina. But Patrick was too good to be true and Sofia was way too high maintenance to be tolerable. There’s no way this two can survive each other. She’s too much of a drama queen and he’s too ridiculously understanding.25


Saving Sofia (Russo Sister Series Book 1) by Linda Seed5 star

The perfect way to introduce us to the Russo family and all their trials and tribulations. This book will capture your heart with the friendships and family bonds, while mostly focusing on Sofia and dealing with her past. Sofia saved Patrick Connelly’s life or was he saving her from being sad. Destined to find “The One” or is the one right in front of you?? Keep reading, because you will find a little funny, a little sad with some sexy romance and you too will finish this book in a day. A light book that will have you wondering how many men are willing to put themselves out there to find true love. This is definitely one of my favorites.55

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