The Paris Apartment: Fated Journey

The Paris Apartment: Fated Journey Summary

The third and final book in Elizabeth Lara's story. Sometimes the destination IS sweeter than the journey.

Having found what she was looking for in London, Elizabeth journeys to Paris to finish what Mags started. 

She's got her love, now will she be able to find the missing pieces to her life? 

"Get ready for a stunning conclusion to this enjoyable series. Deliciously sweet, wonderfully well-rounded--it will leave the reader in a very happy place." 

“It was like a drug that I couldn't get enough of. The Irish Cottage started it all and now that I have finished all three, I'm starting all over.”

"Worth the wait. I'm beyond satisfied. What an amazing series and GREAT finale!" 

The Elizabeth Lara Trilogy (Complete Series):

The Irish Cottage: Finding Elizabeth 

The London Flat: Second Chances 

The Paris Apartment: Fated Journey

Book Reviews


Heartwarming Series5 star

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be magically transplanted to beautiful scenery and you’ll watch a lifetime of memories and love unfold. Looking forward to Books #4 & 5!55

DK kid

The Irish Heart Series5 star

Loved these books! Great read! It’s keeping me coming back for more!55


Amazing series!5 star

I’ve finished with the third book. It was as amazing as the first two. I’m so happy following Elizabeth’s journey from Ireland to London to Paris, finding not only love, but family she never expected. I love this series so much, I’m happy Juliet has continued it. Onto the next book!55


Amazing!5 star

This trilogy was amazing! The characters so well written I felt like they were my best friends. As the Irish would say - Brilliant!q55


Two a week4 star

Just the thing for after reading thrillers and murder mysteries!45


The Irish heart series5 star

Didn’t want to put it down! Just a great simple story that lets you into another world for a while.55

Tooth fairy 32

Beth and Connor Trilogy!5 star

What a fabulous story teller! As I finished the first book, I was compelled to continue to read the 2nd. I finished the 2nd and had to read the 3rd. Their trials and tribulations made you want to continue. And you rooted for them along the way not sure they would make it... The story made you feel their love for one another... Great story!!!55


Connor, the perfect hero5 star

I read many historical novels. I thought Beth, our heroine was good, Connor was perfect. I usually only purchase books under $3.00, but this trilogy was worth every cent. I read all three in two days. This is a must read if you love all things Irish, British, or Scottish.55


Re your trilogy5 star

I too, am a romantic facing life. I read rather voraciously and this set was exciting for me. I enjoyed the intrigue and twists, yet also the importance to heal, to grow, to experience life. I'm a widowed 75 year old, who in some ways is a bit conservative, so, the sex, was a bit much for me, guess I give away to some of my more puritanical values, plus a devoted Believer as well. But, aside, I am a fan. I enjoyed your writing, and the escape to a world rather a fantasy for me. I hope your Scottish series will be equally thrilling. You see I have Scottish roots. My name is Kirklynn. ( Kirk is church, and my mother's maiden name) Keep writing. Thank you. I look forward to your adventure in Scotland.55


Paris Apartment5 star

Loved it!!!55

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