The You I've Come to Know

The You I've Come to Know Summary

He's having a hard time managing on his own... so how did asking his neighbor for a favor get so complicated?

Being unexpectedly tasked with caring for his adorable ten-month-old niece is more than Detective Joel Wolfsley can handle. He's on sick leave with one leg in a cast after a drug dealer mowed him down with a car. But Joel's a sucker for his sister—all four of his sisters—and the munchkin's mom needs his help. Thing is, Joel needs help, too. Isn't that what next door neighbors are for?

One look at the tough-talking "Big Bad Wolf" cradling a baby in his arms and kennel owner Willa Darling knows he's all bark, no bite. Joel might need assistance chasing after his niece, but he's completely capable otherwise, and a family man at heart. Which means that in spite of the tension that simmers between them while caring for the infant, Willa will have to let him go.

How can she do anything else when he's not the family man she'd thought?

Book Reviews


The You I’ve Come To Know5 star

Loved these characters and their banter55


The You I’ve Come to Know5 star

Fun...engaging...couldn’t put it down...called my sister to recommend as I turned the last page.55


Good story....but2 star

I wish the descriptive sex scenes were left out. The story was good without it. I had to skip through to get to the story.25


Pass2 star

Didn’t hold my attention. Several diction issues I found, and I couldn’t get past the constant wolf and Little Red Riding Hood references. Just no. They weren’t funny, cute, nor titilating. I stopped reading after 100 pages and I usually at least try to finish a book once I start. Had there been a bunch of grammatical errors, I’d give it a 1 star, but since it was mostly diction, I went with 2.25


Good to the end5 star

Alison Kent penned a love story that will hold your interest until the last page. Her characters are real. Some of the dialogue is written in such a way that is both numerous and sexual. The chemistry between Wolf Man and Willa is off the charts. Loved the epilogue.55

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