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Twenty-six-year-old Rose Devlin may shop in the plus-size department, but she's never had a problem attracting men--with disastrous consequences. Recovering from her latest mistake, Rose has sworn off casual sex and moved to California to grow up, help her best friend, and make something of herself.

When Rose asks the cute-but-geeky guy next door to help her land a job in high tech, she never expects to unearth his quiet strength, stunning accomplishments--and hidden talents.

With a secret in her own past, Rose tries to keep her distance, but she finds that nerdy Mark isn't so nerdy when the lights go out. And that maybe, just maybe, she's not too grown up to risk one more disaster...

Author note: This is a standalone novel within a series.

Book Reviews


Better than the first5 star

Mark is the hot, geeky guy you never saw coming. Loved it!55


This time Next Door5 star

Loved the story of Rose and Mark! There are good men out there.55

DG Whit

This time next door.4 star

Good . Read it straight though.45


I’ve read it twice5 star

My favorite in the series. Rose’s character was so relatable.55


Sooo good!5 star

Extremely entertaining! Fell in love with the characters, I could not stop reading although as it was getting closer to the end I didn’t want it to be so. Moving on to the next book in the series. I’m a fan!55


Cute story, but way too many open questions.3 star

I actually enjoyed this book very much. It was cute, funny, and easy to read. However, there were too many plot points that were never addressed. I have pretty good suspension of disbelief, but the holes that were left in the story were too important to just leave hanging. 1. Why was he so embarrassed to be seen with her in front of his family? 2. What ever happened with her crappy co-workers? 3. Why did her crappy best friend just get a pass? 4. Why did she love her mom so much when she was so negative to the heroine. I would have probably written off all the other issues if it wasn’t for the BF Blair. She is literally the worst human being on the planet. Her boyfriend John is only marginally better and that’s only because he didn’t have the same expectation of loyalty as her BEST FRIEND. And they just get a whole big pass, while the heroine needs to get over it or is jealous. I was really thinking that Blair was going to get hit by a bus or something as comeuppance, but no just a HEA. *vomit*35


Who wants to read1 star

A book about a fat broad. Not me15


A wonderful story!5 star

Such a wonderful story to read. I am so glad I came across this author and series. I've been searching for a new good author for a while when I finally came across Gretchen Galway. I had download her free novel and was almost tempted to delete it after reading some of written short stories. Boy, am I glad I kept it and read it! It led me to reading the rest of the series which includes This Time Next Door about a shy geeky programmer and the beautiful, voluptuous, plus size Blondie next door. Definitely worth reading!55

Sharon K Sherman

Delughtful story5 star

Delightful story that destroys stereotypes and shows what true love is and how it can transform.55


This Time Next Door2 star

I am not really sure how I feel about this book. First Rose moves to CA to be with her best friend who is pregnant with the child of Rose's ex... the best friend became pregnant the night they broke up.... The best friend and John the ex are freaking HORRIBLE people... I only kept writing this hoping for them to get what is deserved. and yes that did kinda happen with her losing the baby... but get this.... the Ex john still messed with Rose saying she as still in love with him and all that... Now lets talk about Mark..... FOR REAL? Mark was in love with the best friend and rose wasn't good enough for him... but he lusted after her... Blair the best friend was a forever woman but Rose was just a good screw... yeah there was a HEA in this book, but the way rose was treated by all parties was horrible. Yes she had somewhat of a backbone, but everyone and I mean EVERYONE trampled on her. Blair is NOT a best friend... and Jonh... john is a jerk...25

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