What Once Was Perfect

What Once Was Perfect Summary

Teacher, carpenter, and his small town's favourite son, Kyle Nixon has a pretty sweet life. But he's never forgiven himself for breaking Laney Calhoun's heart a decade earlier when she was accepted into medical school. So when she returns to Wardham for Christmas, he goes over to Evening Lane Farm to see her. Just to say hi, maybe. And maybe to deal with some of their complicated history.

Laney loves everything about her new life in Chicago. Everything except for the weird feeling she gets when she thinks about her high school sweetheart. So when Kyle turns up on her mother's doorstep, she does her best to ignore the way he makes her feel. But he's just down the road, and they keep bumping into each other. Then there's the small matter that he still takes her breath away, still makes her laugh, and still sees all of her secret desires. And he seems intent on proving to her that he's a different kind of man now.

But is a week of holidays enough time to for a second chance at love?

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What Once was Perfect5 star

Just loved this love story! Well written with a good storyline and great characters. It’s sad, sexy, and oh so romantic. The ending is great!55


Easygoing read3 star

Appreciated that the characters “grew up” enough to face their fears head on, and came to the realization that love was worth risk and sacrifice. And, in the end, it brought positive change into both 5eir lives.35

Reading Kat

Hot second chance5 star

A great steamy second chance romance, with a twist you won’t expect.55


Imposibilidad5 star


Mary of Amarillo

What once was perfect5 star

I enjoyed reading this book. I started it early this morning and finished it a little while ago. I had a hard time putting it down. I enjoyed the real life happenings. The characters were fluent in their opinions. I do agree that waiting helps despite the fact 12 years were lost. I married at an early age and as I tell others in my opinion “marry in haste, repent in leisure”. I am divorced after a 30 year marriage, which I wish had turned out different, but then I would not have gone on to finish my college and become a teacher. A lifelong dream. I am now happy to say I have worked 25 years and plan to continue for as long as I can. I was a late bloomer and did not acquire my certification until I was 45 and attending college with my eldest. Regrets for my marriage, but not for the 2nd chance at a career. Age is just a number. Reading that Kyle returned to get his Master’s was especially gratifying to me. I too have planned to finish mine. I know how hard it is to move back and forth. I am from the city and became a farmer’s wife. A totally different culture. Then I returned to the city-country, half and half culture, and thankful I had a chance to experience it all. Laney had the farm life first, then the city and was able to return to the country culture. I doubt I could return to the big city again. I am too used to the layer back country-city life now. I admire these two. As I said before, I had a hard time putting the book down. Best wishes and looking forward to reading more of your novels. Ms. Mary “quite contrary”.55


This is erotica1 star

I couldn't even finish this. This is porn.15


Good for what it is3 star

This book was interesting, steamy, and had decent character development. I am glad it was free, however, just because it seemed to lack originality. While it was a pleasant read and I would read and recommend to people, if this ever becomes more than a couple dollars I would say pass on it.35


I cried, I hoped, I leapt, I sighed!5 star

Zoe knows her way around a heartbreaking storyline. I hate it when people who are meant to be together waste so much time. This book makes you think you really know these people. Love, loved it!55

Montana Brides Book 1

What Once Was Perfect1 star

Would have been better reading without all the descriptive sexual episodes.15


What Once Was Perfect5 star

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. A must read. Beautiful writing with great characters.55

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