Your Irresistible Love

Your Irresistible Love Summary

I know what people think when they hear the name Sebastian Bennett.

Determined. Ruthless. Head of a business empire. From the outside, I look bulletproof.

Behind closed doors, though, family always comes first. My parents. My eight--yes, eight--siblings. Every single one of them nagging at me to settle down and get married. I may be bulletproof, but I can't seem to deflect them. No matter how many times I patiently explain that I don't believe in love.

I hadn't counted on Ava Lindt.

Beautiful. Funny. Just as stubborn as I am. It's frankly infuriating.

I only hired her as a consultant to make our next jewelry collection launch unforgettable. So why is it thoughts of herthat I can't shake? Those curves, that smile… it's irresistible. And completely off-limits.

She won't risk her job. I won't risk my heart. But one kiss, one touch at a time, our sizzling chemistry is turning into a deep connection. With her time at Bennett Enterprises drawing to a close, I'll have to decide what I was wrong about-- her, or love.

Book Reviews


Entertaining, but predictable3 star

It is written in a smooth, easy to read style without a lot of romance novel cliches. Good escapist fare.35


Love love love!5 star

Read this entire series and now I’m starting the Connor family! Can’t get enough of these books!55


I Tried4 star

I really tried to like this book but it just didn’t hold my interest. Couldn’t finish it.45


Your irresistible love4 star

Loved the book. Really sweet love story with sweet characters. Really enjoyed the story.45

i luv reading

Your Irresistible Love4 star

Oh well rounded love story. Well flashed out characters. I love the large family and the witty interactions between them.45


Amazing5 star

I loved this book and I have read other books by Layla Hagen as well and I must say I love her books! I can’t just pick one favorite. I can’t wait to read more books by her!! I definitely recommend this author!55


Sweet5 star

Enjoyable story of los, love, and lust!55


Pretty average3 star

An easy read wasn’t bad but nothing exciting.35


3 stars3 star

Entertaining love story35

Crazy not lazy

Your Irresistible Love5 star

Great book. Realistic, heart-warming and down-to-earth. I highly recommend reading it!55

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