Cowboy Bites

Cowboy Bites Summary

Saddle up and get ready to ride again with the infamous McKay family!

New York Times bestselling author Lorelei James has whipped up six brand new Rough Riders short stories featuring fan favorite couples—Cord and AJ, Colby and Channing, Keely and Jack, Colt and India, Carter and Macie, and Boone and Sierra. 

These slice of life tales are the perfect accompaniment to USA Today Bestselling author Suzanne Johnson’s delicious, down home recipes—family fare created to share round the table with love, laughter, and plenty of second helpings. 

So kick off your boots, hang up your hat and prepare to stay awhile as you’re entertained and tantalized with Cowboy Bites!

Book Reviews


Rough Riders Praise5 star

I l I loved the book and the series! I’ve read every book from rough riders to the sequels. I am a true fan of your books. The only books I’m excitedly waiting for a story on are Jed McKay, Casper and Joan also Charlie and Vi. I can’t wait to read more on the family and to read on the Jonas brother series. Thank you so much for continuing the story for us readers.55


Yummo... the stories and the recipes5 star

Did you read and love The McKay Family. Well you can get an update with some of them plus the extra bonus of some of the food within the series. Including some of the drinks. Become an honorary McKay by some of the recipes and catch up with is going on in the McKay55


Cowboy Delights5 star

Lorelei James is by far my all time favorite author. I was beyond excited when I hear she was releasing a short stories and cookbook with my favorite families from the Rough Riders Series. This book is by far one of my favorite. I enjoyed reuniting with each of them and I look forward to trying out all the yummy and delicious recipes that she has included in this book.55


Great concept!5 star

What a great concept, delicious sounding recipes and catching up with some of our favorite Rough Riders. The recipes sounded very good and easy to make, which for most of us is necessary. The short stories of various McKays were a bonus! I don’t think there’s anything that Ms James writes that isn’t a must read and this is no different. Even if you haven’t read the any of the series, you won’t feel left out. Hopefully, it will make you read all of the previous Rough Rider books. You won’t be sorry!55

Chelle TX

Just Delicious!5 star

I absolutely adore this book! I loved revisiting the McKay couples!! My favorites? That they’re still as steamy as always and we get to learn more about their kids!! I cannot wait to try the recipes, or have my hubby make them (wink). There are a lot more recipes within than I thought there’d be. I can wait to read it again!!55


Whoooo Hottttt!5 star

Holy Guacamole!! YEAH, that’s in there somewhere….This is the most fun I’ve had looking for new recipes in ever. Getting to meet back up with my favorite cowboys, read a little glimpse of their lives AND get some easy, peasy down-home recipes ROCKS!!!! Don’t miss this one. Even is you don’t cook, the stories themselves will squelch your hunger!55


Loved it5 star

OMG, I just loved this book. I really enjoyed getting a glimpse into the the lives of some of my favorite couples from the Rough Riders Series. The combination of the recipes and story’s was perfect. After reading this I now have to go and visit my favorite couples and do a little rereading of the Rough Riders.55

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