Deader Homes and Gardens

Deader Homes and Gardens Summary

From New York Times bestselling author Angie Fox

Southern belle Verity Long is back in business—as a ghost hunter. Now all she has to do is visit the town's creepiest mansion and exorcise a family of vengeful spirits. Piece of cake. After all, ghosts love her and need her...that is until she meets the ghosts of Rock Fall mansion. They'll do anything to keep their murderous secrets hidden within the cliff-side fortress—even if that means getting rid of one meddling ghost hunter.

With the entire town skeptical and scrutinizing her every move, Verity struggles to uncover the century-old mystery behind the house. And when she stumbles upon a very fresh, very dead body, she realizes there’s more to it than she ever imagined. With the help of her sexy cop boyfriend, Ellis, and her ghostly gangster sidekick, Frankie, she braves the overgrown gardens, the desolate family cemetery, and the haunted mansion that have been locked away for generations. But can Verity unearth the truth before she's the next one buried on the deadly grounds?

What Reviewers are saying…

5 Stars!  “Deader Homes and Gardens is a flat out fun story.”

5 Stars!  “Quite a few laughs and even a feel good tear in the resolution.”

5 Stars!  “The best mystery I've read in YEARS!”

5 Stars!  “This is one of those books that you won't want to put down.”

Rating: Clean and Wholesome

Paranormal Cozy Mystery Romance (with a cute pet skunk!)

Book Reviews


So much potential2 star

The plots are great, I love Frankie and Verity but it seems that the author takes the easyway out by repeating sentences and even entire paragraphs in each novel to explain the past. I also feel they are disjointed with some characters disappearing for one or two novels at a time without comment. I want to love these books but I can’t.25


Deader Homes and Gardens5 star

Great book! Well written and interesting to the end. Looking forward to reading more of her superb tales.55


Loved!4 star

I enjoyed this book so much!!! An excellent read that’s just creepy enough without being too scary. I read it weeks ago and still can’t get it off my mind. I can’t wait to read more by this author.45


Deader Homes and Gardens5 star

Simply delightful. Love this series! Can't wait for the next!55

Mo the fairy

Deader Homes and Gardens4 star

Throughly enjoyed story and the twists and turns. The banter between Verity and Frankie was so fun. Would recommend highly45

Runaway campers

Having a relaxing time with a good book...5 star

Reading though your stories, so hard to put the books down...55


Must read author5 star

You can't lose with any of these book in this series!!!55


Super fun mystery!4 star

I absolutely loved this 4th installment in the Southern Ghost Hunter Mysteries. Verity and Ellis are finally outed as a couple working on their happy ever after; also Verity and her ghost pal Frankie are finally outed as a the dynamic ghost hunting duo! Verity is out in the open in all aspects of her life, and is due some good luck! So when she gets a call from Lee Treadwell owner of the infamous Rock Fall mansion to investigate a possible haunting she’s stoked! Only hold the phone this mansion is supposed to be cursed, and poor Frankie wants no part of this hunt… especially after upon first coming to the grounds they are entertained by a fountain full of doll heads! Frankie does not do creepy dolls… Equipped with her charm, and grace under pressure Verity must convince her probably slightly depressed ghostly pal to help her out, or fail before she’s ever really gotten her new budding ghost hunting business off its legs! If only Frankie will let go of his drama long enough to help a girl out. I mean it’s just a haunting in a huge mansion that is reportedly sporting an Egyptian curse what could possibly go wrong… more importantly the question should probably be what could go right for poor Verity? Honestly I think this was my favorite book in the series so far and I just can’t wait for the next. I loved the whole book; a good mystery, a little romance, and a great plot what more could a girls ask for in a book. There is a little more of a creep factor to this book that in the past three but it’s not that much higher…. Its no where near king level… I found it to be the perfect creep factor for a book like this!45

Becky Davidson

This is another fun light read from author Angie Fox.4 star

In this 4th installment of the Southern Ghost Hunter mysteries, Verity takes a different turn. Most of the time Verity’s ghost hunting adventures just sort of happen to her as she is trying to help a friend or family member. This is the first time that she is hired to take care of a ghost. That is a good thing because this situation is more serious than anything that Verity has ever run into. This time even Frankie her gangster ghostly sidekick is worried. The dialogue is fun as to be expected with this series. You learn a bit more about Verity’s past and meet some of the people that she interacted with. I have enjoyed following Verity and Ellis’ romance. While it is helpful to have read the other books in the Southern Ghost Hunter series this book can be enjoyed on it’s own.45

Vampire Luvr

Verity and Frankie are awesome!5 star

Let me just start out by saying that I Love Angie Fox's books! I have read every single one and this one did not disappoint! Verity and Frankie are back and they are taking on their hardest ghost hunt yet. Verity has decided to become a ghost hunter and she is called out to her 1st case the old Rockfall Mansion, the previous owners lives ended in such tragedy.. it could have been an evil curse. Verity with Frankie and sweet Ellis try to help the ghosts, however they might just not want any help! This is a great series and a must read!55

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