Emily Mansion Old House Mysteries: Books 1 - 5

Emily Mansion Old House Mysteries: Books 1 - 5 Summary

If you love Agatha Raisin's spark and Nancy Drew's curiosity, The Emily Mansion Old House Mysteries are your next unputdownable read!

Some secrets are better left buried.

And some are of historical importance and should definitely be dug up, dusted off, and put in a museum.

When historical researcher Emily Mansion unearths a mysterious love letter, dating from the Victorian era, she is intrigued by a cryptic set of clues that point to a lost legacy hidden beneath the flowers of Larch Hall.

The problem is… she's not the only one doing a little digging.

It's a race against an unknown adversary to solve the clues and find the treasure before a valuable piece of history is lost forever.

*Five short and sweet English mysteries for light and easy reading!*

1. The Lavender of Larch Hall

2. The Leaves of Llewellyn Keep

3. The Snow of Severly Castle

4. The Frost of Friston Manor

5. The Heart of Heathley House

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*Please note, the first edition of this series was previously published under the name: The Emily Haversson Old House Mysteries*

Book Reviews

Chicken sister

Old house mysteries1 star

A waste of time.15

Texas Marion

Mysteries5 star

I enjoyed every book. Had some light romance and intrigue. The characters were well rounded out. All in all I enjoyed the well written series55

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