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Just Desserts?

It’s November in Sinful and everyone is gearing up for Thanksgiving. But when Fortune, Ida Belle, and Gertie bag a body on their turkey hunting trip, the quiet enjoyment of fall is over. No one really knew Miles Broussard well, and as he’d recently sold the building his business was in to retire in another state, no one could explain how he’d ended up murdered and dumped in the bayou.

Ally Lemarque has been waiting her entire life to open her bakery, and that day finally arrived when she purchased the building from Miles. But when she visits the site late at night and interrupts an intruder, she comes away with a crack on her head and concerns about why someone would break into an empty building.

Fortune doesn’t think for a minute that Miles’s murder and the attack on Ally are unrelated. And Swamp Team 3 won’t rest until they’re sure Ally is safe.

Book Reviews


The best ever5 star

This has to be the best on ever! The laughs are great! Carter…well, find out for yourself. And I vote for Ally and Mannie forever!55


Terrific Read5 star

I loved it! I love the suspense, action, good deeds, the naughty behaviors, the animals and most of all Fortunes crew. They’re funny and good. These books are good for the soul. Absolutely must reads.55

math wizard

Cleaning To A New Degree5 star

Another very interesting story for the Swamp Team 3. We have a budding new entrepreneur, Ally, who is finally going to open her bakery up but gets attacked. From that time things bloom nut you have to add in the turkey hunt and finding of a dead body. We know things seem to happen around Fortune but this was no exception! When it rains it pours is a good expression for this story because the past will come to bit someone in the butt. Family is not exception! Ronald, the next door neighbor, has a thing for copying a very well know exCIA person. If you want to know what is going on the grab your sweet snacks and read this awesome book!55

Reader 707

Swamp Sweets5 star

So good to see Fortune and the gang again. I don’t want to give anything away - so all I can say is FINALLY!55


Another great fortune adventure5 star

Another great adventure for Fortune and the gang. I really enjoy how the characters lives continue to evolve. This time there’s a little something between Mannie and Ally. I wonder if we will learn more about spice.55


So unexpected!5 star

I love all of Janas books. Every time a new one comes out I have to pace myself or I’ll devour it all in 1 day. I love all of the twists and turns and the unexpected. She never fails to make me crack up with these stories too. Another job well done Jana.55


Read it5 star

Fantastic! Awesome book. Lots of laughs and adventures.55

Smokeys son

Swamp sweets5 star

Loved the new book, read it in a couple hours. I like that the author gets you invested in the characters and you wanna see what happens in their life. Love all the chuckles and belly laughs as I read this series.55

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