The Whole Enchilada

The Whole Enchilada Summary

"Today's foremost practitioner of the culinary whodunit." –Entertainment Weekly

Caterer and sleuth extraordinaire Goldy Schulz jumps from the frying pan into the fire as she tries to solve a puzzling murder that is much too close to home, in this latest entry in the New York Times bestselling culinary mystery series from Diane Mott Davidson.

Amateur sleuth and caterer extraordinaire Goldy Schulz has overcome her share of culinary disasters, not to mention a taste (or two) of death. But all that experience is little preparation when one of Goldy’s best friends collapses and dies at a birthdy party.

The autospsy reveals that the death wasn’t a heart attack as everyone presumed. It was something far more nefarious. Someone added a sprinkle of poison to the victim’s plate. Suddenly, suspicion falls on the caterer who provided the party’s food: Goldy herself!

Then another caterer—a woman who suspiciously resembles Goldy—is stabbed, and Goldy is attacked outside her own house. A devious killer is on the loose, and he wants to serve Goldy up on a platter. But the irrepressible sleuth

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Number 1bookworm!

All about the food.2 star

This book is all about the food. Food food and more food. The mystery is really repeated every few pages and then food. I really don't enjoy reading about one clue and then having to read it being repeated to different people. Is that a literary tool? If so I don't care for it.25

RN nurse Cindy

The Whole Enchilada5 star

I've read them all and this is the best one yet! Diane don't ever stop giving us more of Goldie's escapades!55


Could not put the book down5 star

One of the best books in this series!!!! I have read them all and I can't wait for her next book to be published. I love all the characters and I feel I know each and every one of them. Thank you so much for inviting me into Glodie's world!!!55


Oh, Goldy!5 star

I have to say, I have loved this character for many years now, and this is such a good "episode"! I won't spoil it for the new reader, but in this entire series, a couple of the books were entertaining, but a bit lackluster. I sort of expect that, not every one is fantastic...but this one is. Thank you, Diane, for all the years of entertainment, and all the wonderful recipes (I've tried a few, all successes, and can't wait to try Julian's treat, as well as the spicy brownies. ) You're quite a marvel. I hope you're working on the next book! That's the sad part, when I finish one, and there's not another one right away! Unlike Goldy, and luckily for me, I'm fairly patient!55

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