How to Start and Grow a Handcrafted Bath and Body Care Business

How to Start and Grow a Handcrafted Bath and Body Care Business Summary

This book contains valuable information for the entrepreneur who wants to start or grow a handcrafted bath and body care or soap making business. Here is a look at what is inside this book: Why Start A Handcrafted Bath And Body Care Business? - a look at why a handcrafted bath and body care business is a great idea. Business Basics - information about government requirements, insurance and recordkeeping. Who Is Going To Buy My Products? - tips for identifying your market Designing Your Product Line - ideas for what products you may want to sell. How To Start And Grow A Handcrafted Bath And Body Care Business also contains information on good manufacturing procedures, information on selecting the right recipes, information on buying supplies, tips for staying organized, suggestions on where to sell your products near home and tips to help you grow your business.

Book Reviews


Simple book that cuts right to the chase5 star

This was a short book that gives you the information that you need to start a small business in the area of soap, cosmetics, and the like. If you already know how to make your own product, this book will waste your time by providing recipes and how-to’s. If you are a beginner, there are plenty of resources outside of this book to get that information. This book will point you the government regulations that you need to know and advise you on how to properly market the product. The author also advised on how to package the product for both appearance and preservation of shelf life. This is definitely a useful book.55


Good reference!5 star

This book was short, informative, and packed with helpful suggestions and references. It provided a lot of websites that were very helpful.55

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