Run (Book One, The Hunted)

Run (Book One, The Hunted) Summary

****Winner 2012 PEI Book Awards for Fiction****


Alone, Reid gasps in one deep breath, another. It hurts his ribs, his lungs. He manages to roll over on his right side and regrets it. His shoulder screams in protest. Still, he is finally able to wriggle his numb hands loose from what holds him and claws at the cloth around his eyes.

Darkness. But not complete. The moon is up. Trees loom over him, the smell of spruce and fresh air so sharp it almost hurts. He jerks at the plastic ties around his ankles while. his vision swims through a veil of pain-laden tears. He manages somehow to force his screaming hands to work the ties loose and he is free.

Sixteen-year-old Reid thinks life is back to normal. His sister Lucy pulls herself together and cuts him free from a year of foster care. She promises to take care of him, that her new boss and her new life are what they both needed to start again. Until Reid is taken in the middle of the night, dumped in a wild stretch of forest far from home with no idea why he is there. Lost and afraid, he learns to run from the hunters who prowl the darkness, their only pleasure chasing down kids like him. And killing them.

Book Reviews

The Zeds

I love this book5 star

I read this on wattpad and I love it so much, I even cried at the end. I just bought the next book (hide) and can't wait to read it!55


Very good read !5 star

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Kind of modern day with a splash of aliens.55


Run5 star

Good read,made me wonder what was going to happen next so often I just sat down and finished it(the dishes could wait) now I have to get the next one!55


Intense5 star

Nothing is more intense than inhuman like killers. The plot was interesting, dealing with who to trust and what to do when either choice was immoral. It's a good read.55


Runs4 star

Very interesting. You cannot stop reading until you found what happens next. If this is the end it is, it is unfulfilling.45

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