Summons From a Stranger

Summons From a Stranger Summary

Lindsey Sims is a little different from most of her school friends--she dislikes cell phones, doesn't want a boyfriend, and loves to read mysteries. When her parents go on a cruise and leave her with her older sister's best friend, Julie, she gets to accompany Julie in answering a cryptic summons that leads to a gloomy mansion, storms and lights going out, and an attempt at murder that eventually succeeds. Besides that, she becomes an unwitting matchmaker for Julie with a guy she'd just as soon have for herself--if only she were older!
This young adult novel is for all ages, from twelve to those who just wish they were twelve again...

Book Reviews


5 stars5 star

Great read55


Great read5 star

This was a really good book, it was well penned and the author kept it suspenseful without being over done.55


Not good2 star

Not happy with the end25

Arie's granny

Summons by a Stranger4 star

Nice who-dun nit. A good book for any age.45


summons from a stranger3 star

good i like the story, but I want to find out what happens to rachel and jonathan's romance. it seems that the story have a second part.35


Good4 star

It was a good story it was mire like a mystery rather than a romance one can't wait to read more about it though45


Not bad3 star

Decent story. Not so much romance, more mystery. Very clean.35


Good book4 star

I liked the story enjoyed it... Can't wait to see what happens next!!! It's a good read not that many mistakes. I enjoyed reading the story!!! :-)45


Well2 star

Enjoyed it but did not capture me, I found it annoying that it was told through Lindsey rather then25

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