Webster's Unabridged Dictionary: Vintage Edition

Webster's Unabridged Dictionary: Vintage Edition Summary

The classic reference work, in an edition first published before 1923.

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It’s probably great5 star

I haven’t read it, just love all these people who assumed that a digitized version of a VINTAGE dictionary would be convenient and easy to use in their daily lives. LOL.55


Webster' s unabridged dictionary1 star

Don't buy. Worst dictionary. Hard to use. Please refund my money.15


Toothpick in a haystack1 star

Where is the search? I don't have the time to flip a thousand pages!15


Webster's unabridged dictionary1 star

Poorly formatted for routine use. Make it practical and sell it at a higher price based on increased utility.15


Do better1 star

Fix the search. Need to be able to type in a couple of letters then have it turn to that section. Have to turn hundreds of pages to get to words starting with el. Wasted .99.15


Horrible1 star

What a waste. IF you like turning hundreds of pages only to find archaic terms, this is for you. If you want something in which you can find usable words easily, go to the Dollar Store and buy one of theirs and put it in your pocket. With all the junk available in the Apple world, one would think they would have a useful dictionary of the English language. Amazing.15

jj rousseau

A complete rip off don't buy1 star

Took my money and did not even work - don't buy15


Webster Dictionary1 star

I should have read the reviews. Disappointed big time!15


A travesty1 star

This is an excellent dictionary IF YOU'VE FALLEN THROUGH A TIME WARP AND LANDED IN THE 1920's! I wasted a buck plus tax on a near-useless aggregation of words.15


Todd1 star

Extremely slow on iPod. Don't buy.15

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