Webster's Unabridged Dictionary: Vintage Pre-1923 Edition

Webster's Unabridged Dictionary: Vintage Pre-1923 Edition Summary

The classic reference work, in an edition first published before 1923.  Printed, this book would be over 19,000 pages long.  We have added over 6,000 links to help you navigate to the word you want.  (Searching for a word would take you to any instance of that word in definitions, not the word you want defined).  With this version, you click on the first letter, then the first two letters, then on the word that's closest to to the one you want (like the guide words at the heads of pages in a printed dictionary).

Book Reviews


Useless1 star

I would give zero stars if I could. This book cannot be searched by word entry which makes it completely useless. I tried to look up “reticent” and, after a long wait, the search function came up with “bowstring”. Then, there is an example sentence which uses the word reticent but it is not even part of the bowstring definition. It shows us 3 or 4 pages after bowstring. The only logic I could see with this is that the heading “bowstring” is in bold letters and thus is searchable. When I looked up “about”, it came up in the search because it is also in bold. However, the headings throughout the book that are in bold seem random. When I looked up “abate”, nothing ever showed up. “Abater” showed up because that is in bold. Useless!15

Pumpkin Town

Money back, please.1 star

Not a fan. Searched for a random word to see how it works and found everything but the word itself.15

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