Weight Gain Meal Plans

Weight Gain Meal Plans Summary

This book provides meal plans for the following weight classes: 160,185,200 and the 220 weight class. So lets take your current weight, lets say you weigh 135 lbs but you have been working out for a while but you haven’t been gaining weight. You follow the 160 pound meal plan and then a few weeks into the meal plan process and you notice that you finally gained lean muscle mass!

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No words in the pages1 star

There was no words ???? WTH? 8 blank pages!!!15


I can’t see the book :s!1 star

I’m not sure what just happened. All pages are on black and I only can see pictures!15


It actually works!5 star

The book gives you the stuff! I been using the meal plan and I keep gaining more mass, bench press went up in 3 weeks about 12 pounds! Amazing gains! Defining your recommend it55

Mayne 123


Gives you meal plans that help you understand what you should be eating to gain muscle55



This book is the reason hy i gained 14 pounds. I love to lift weights but I need to eat more this book made it more easy to put on size55

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