Cars: Race Day

Cars: Race Day Summary

Lightning McQueen gears up to compete for the Piston Cup championship.

Book Reviews


Bad1 star

Story thrown together. Just not good. More text than pictures15


Good book5 star

Son loves it55


Cars: Race Day5 star

I liked that Lightning McQueen saved the King.55

Amy Medina

A++++++4 star

Love the book. Great kids story my daughter loves me to read it to her45


Cars2 star

Not a good description. Book does not read to child which my son loves. It's only a few bucks but slightly disappointing.25


Useless Sample!!!!!!!1 star

The sample is just so useless!!!!! Should have at least ONE page of the story, so that I can judge whether the book is suitable for my child! Disney acts so stupid!15

Grandma Kristee

Illustrations2 star

My grandkids what more pictures. Too bad they don't let you know what age groups these are for.25


Great5 star

Very good book!55

that one youth pastor

Cars race day1 star

Not enough pictures for a child to enjoy this book. You can't have a book for small kids and not have pictures for multiple pages at a time.15


Good but would like more pictures3 star

My 3 yr. old likes this book but there are a lot of words and I think should have more pictures.35

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