Lily Lemon Blossom a Picture Perfect Play Day

Lily Lemon Blossom a Picture Perfect Play Day Summary

Lily Lemon Blossom has a day of fun planned for her best friend Emmy. Join in the fun as Lily and Emmy share a whimsical day, filled with giggles and laughs, endless creativity and tons of imagination.

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Kiki valdez

Kiki has a little more fun.5 star



Samples1 star

If get a sample u only get one page15

jose josenpip

Aww5 star

That is a cute book my daydreams and my brother love it so I can tell him I am a little too much to be okay love it so I don't have any friends or I am not a going to put it on a the phone and book it so I is so proud of you and for I have no idea reason for it me you are will love you this year too so I don't have want you to know that it what I did not why I live that book you so nice live love live love you so so sis is is sis sis sis and sis sis sis love me too ayiur so no ce ky mommy love you more than meeeeeeeerrr I hate you I love you I hate that I love you I don't care about you I care about me love love live you mommy55


Littliest playmate5 star

This book was fun and playful. It shows just how far a childs imigination can go and how the littliest things have such a big memory in their lives and make an impact. I enjoyed reading it to my 4.5 month old daughter.55


Great book for 3rd graders.5 star

Wish it was longer.55


Beautiful and bright illustrations5 star

The illustrations in this book are bright and bold. They really draw the reader into the story. Young girls will relate to the story. One of my daughter's favorite things are play dates.55


#1 FAN!5 star

Soooo gorgeous! We absolutely loved it. My 3year old daughter is Lily's #1 fan.55

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