Balancing Greenhouse Gas Budgets (Enhanced Edition)

Balancing Greenhouse Gas Budgets (Enhanced Edition) Summary

Balancing Greenhouse Gas Budgets: Accounting for Natural and Anthropogenic Flows of CO2 and other Trace Gases provides a synthesis of greenhouse gas budgeting activities across the world. Organized in four sections, including background, methods, case studies and opportunities, it is an interdisciplinary book covering both science and policy. All environments are covered, from terrestrial to ocean, along with atmospheric processes using models, inventories and observations to give a complete overview of greenhouse gas accounting. Perspectives presented give readers the tools necessary to understand budget activities, think critically, and use the framework to carry out initiatives. Written by a combination of experts across career stages, presenting an integrated perspective for graduate students and professionals alike Includes sections authored by those involved in both early and later IPCC assessments Provides an interdisciplinary resource that spans many topics and methodologies in oceanic, land and atmospheric processes

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