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FEW TECHNOLOGICAL ACHIEVEMENTS are as impressive as the ability to see our own planet from outer space. The beautiful sphere suspended against the black void of space makes plain the bond that the billions of us on Earth have in common.

This global consciousness inspires space travellers who then provide emotional and spiritual observations. Their views from outer space awaken them to a grand realization that all who share our planet make up a single community. They think this viewpoint will help unite the nations of the world in order to build a peaceful future for the present generation and the ones that follow.

Many poets, philosophers, and writers have criticized the artificial borders that separate people preoccupied with the notion of nationhood. Despite the visions and hopes of astronauts, poets, writers, and visionaries, the reality is that nations are continuously at war with one another, and poverty and hunger prevail in many places throughout the world, including the United States.

So far, no astronaut arriving back on Earth with this new social consciousness has pro- posed to transcend the world's limitations with a world where no national boundaries exist. Each remains loyal to his/her particular nation-state, and doesn’t venture beyond patriotism - "my country, right or wrong" – because doing so may risk their positions.

Most problems we face in the world today are of our own making. We must accept that the future depends upon us. Interventions by mythical or divine characters in white robes descending from the clouds, or by visitors from other worlds, are illusions that cannot solve the problems of our modern world. The future of the world is our responsibility and depends upon decisions we make today. We are our own salvation or damnation. The shape and solutions of the future depend totally on the collective effort of all people working together.

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Luminescence5 star

Let me just say that reading this book and discovering The Venus Project changed my life completely, for the better. Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows have been working toward a better working system for many, many, many years of their lives to be able to enhance all human potential and also live alongside the environment cooperatively.55


The ANSWER!5 star

I don't see how this could happen; but I'm totally confident it has to happen. Best book I have ever read!55


OMG5 star

If this ever gets out into every human hands this could change our world and save us from destruction , by far the best book I have ever read. A must read. I love this guy and his vision for the world and his work. 10 Stars **********55

Don Nene

Wow5 star

Well written, easy to understand, and totally Makes Sense... Mr Fresco is amazing describing the common mistakes that we as a society keep doing. Totally open my mind and made me realize how some of the answers to my question were right in front of me my whole life. Thank You Jacque.55

Carlos Breton

Very informative and insightful. Jacque Fresco is a genius.5 star

I Learned a lot from this book. This book helped me escape from some of the false values placed upon me by my culture. It has given me a new lense from which to look at the world.55


Best book ever!5 star

Had to join The Venus Project afterwards!55

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