99 Questions and Answers About Unschooling

99 Questions and Answers About Unschooling Summary

Parents New To Unschooling All Have The Same Questions. In This Book You Finally Get the Answers

The Most Common Questions (and Answers) About Unschooling

"Our form of schooling has turned us into dependent, emotionally needy, excessively childish people who wait for a teacher to tell them what to do. Our national dilemma is that too many of us are now homeless and mindless in the deepest sense - at the mercy of strangers. The beginning of answers will come only when people force government to return educational choice to everyone." -John Taylor Gatto

˃˃˃ What Questions Do You Answer In This Book?

99 of the most popular questions that I've gotten over the years. All 3 of my children have been unschooled and they have grown into confident, successful adults. From socialization, to college admission, to history and politics - the answers you seek are within the pages of this book.

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