Dandelion Launchers Unit 2, 'Pam'

Dandelion Launchers Unit 2, 'Pam' Summary

Dandelion Launchers iBook Unit 2, ‘Pam’, is the second of the Dandelion Launchers enhanced iBook series for beginner readers ages 3-6. 

This attractive, engaging iBook introduces the letters and corresponding sounds for: ‘n, o, p’.  With three more sounds of the alphabet, the reader can read the four short stories in this unit. A real reading experience for beginner readers!  This enhanced iBook has sound files linked to letters and words.  Touch the letter and hear the sound with correct pronunciation!  Touch the word and hear it sounded out!

Special features in this iBook 

- Letters of the alphabet introduced in step-by-step progression
- Sound files linked to letters model correct pronunciation
- Sound files linked to words model how to sound out words in the text
- The reader can see the letters enlarge as they are sounded out:  a multisensory method that teaches letter/sound correspondences
- A short animation rewards the reader at the end of each story
- A short reading game allows revision at the end of the iBook

What people are saying about Dandelion Launchers iBooks

“A superb resource to further boost the impact of the Dandelion Launchers.  Our pupils are loving reading the books interactively and this has increased their motivation and independence.  It is perfect that they can access sounds as and when needed.  Great for teachers and parents to accelerate reading skills in partnership.”  Headteacher, NLE

“Some electronic books are cluttered with distracting animations. They are fun to do, but it would probably be better to use a paper book to teach children to read. In contrast, the electronic additions in these Dandelion iBooks are directly helpful for teaching reading. The only extra activity is a brief animation for fun at the end of each story....  The Dandelion iBooks are carefully structured for the early stages of reading. They could easily be used with any systematic synthetic phonics programme, as the differences are irrelevant after only a few weeks. I recommend them for teachers, teaching assistants or parents who work with children at the early stages of reading.” Elizabeth Nonweiler, Independent Reading Consultant and Trainer, ‘Teach to Read’.

About the Dandelion Launchers series

Dandelion Launchers series is part of Dandelion Books, a highly-effective phonic reading series approved by the Department of Education in the UK, in line with the national curriculum in England. This iBook is an enhanced edition of the Dandelion Launchers book series.  It combines teacher expertise and interactive technology, incorporating only those features that promote learning to read with phonics.

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