Decisions, Dollars and Sense

Decisions, Dollars and Sense Summary

Manage your money to gain financial freedom

In today’s consumer debt culture, we all need strategies to help us make the best decisions and take control of our finances. Certified Financial Planner Paul W. Lermitte shares the tips and traps he has learned through advising his own three sons and thousands of other young people.

Decisions, Dollars & Sense provides young adults between ages 20 and 39 with sound financial guidance to help them gain money-management skills and begin an investment plan. Do you want to be rich and successful? Do you have a strategy for wealth creation? This book will show you how to
• invest now rather than waiting until you have “extra money”
• live within your means by reducing your debt
• save money by following the No-Interest Principle
• identify your “money type” and monthly “burn rate”
• gain confidence to make effective decisions in all aspects of life

Book 3 in the author’s bestselling Dollars and Sense Family Finances series, this crucial guide provides ideas, strategies, and solutions to help you establish smart money habits and take control of your financial future.

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