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My Animal Book Summary

Children are inherently and intuitively curious naturalists. They're sponges for knowledge, absorbing, retaining and using new information at astounding rates. 
It makes good sense to teach children well, to be role models, to infuse their education with kindness and compassion towards Nature and Animals. 
With this book we want to develop their roles as future ambassadors with other animals, nature and ourselves.
This book contains more than hundred animals categorised to their habitats like Jungle/ Polar/ Water etc..
Each picture in this book is carefully chosen to provide a visual impact and in many cases Mother, child Animals are shown together.
With this book a child can interact with pictures on the book to learn 
1. Animal Word and hear their pronunciation by touching the animal word
2. Animal Sound by touching the animal itself
3. Animal Food Habit by touching the food icon
4. Interesting animal fact by touching the light bulb icon

As a child grows with this book they can explore more facts about the animals by touching the information icon.
We will definitely like your feedback to add and modify this book to make it one of the best books your child will love to grow with.

Book Reviews


If only it were more fact based2 star

At first our kids loved learning new things about different animals. We were amazed at some of the things we never knew. But when we got to the fact about a duck's quack doesn't echo, we decided to look into it because that just isn't possible. Seems a lot of things in this book are false. It would have gotten one star if the kids and I didn't have so much fun finding the false statements. It was a good teaching moment for our kids to question information because it's not always right or can be biased.25


needs to be proofread2 star

it’s a cute idea but in need of some serious proofreading. Even my 5 year old knew there were some incorrect facts such as the hippo being able to hold it’s breath for 19 days. BTW kangaroos don’t eat pigs either lol.25


Excellent book...5 star

Dear author, I downloaded your book a while ago, but did not have time to leave a review. I loved your book and you have a great potential in you for writing children's books. Please continue to write more and more. I'm sure you'll do wonders! I'm an author of children's books too and have self published my books, so if this review is coming from me, it must show you how much I'm impressed!! I cant believe how one can give 1 star for this book, unless it was given by mistake. You seem to have put a lot of effort and time(lots of information about animals) to deliver an almost perfect book. I saw you're other books too. The truck book and rhymes. Very impressed. My good wishes and good luck if you are a new author and just beginning to write. I'll keep an eye to see your next little "wonder"...:).55


Good4 star

Good Book45


Great book for kids of all ages5 star

I may be a little biased, but I like the fact that this book is not just for small children. My girls (9 & 11) found it fun and filled with many interesting facts. Definitely a book to add to your library.55

Lalatendu Das

Excellent book and worth the money4 star

Honestly this book has a lot of information that a normal person wouldn't be knowing. The presentation style is eye catching and it will attract school children. It is even a good book to go through by a grown up.45

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