Speed Reading: Learn to Read a 200+ Page Book in 1 Hour

Speed Reading: Learn to Read a 200+ Page Book in 1 Hour Summary

#1 Speed Reading Book for 4 Straight Years

This has become the go to book for students, teachers, educators, professionals, and home-school parents & children, to rapidly improve their reading.

It offers simple tips to not only accelerate reading speed, but also understanding and memory.

Unlike other books that merely teach you to skim & scan, this book taps into your brain and eyes' amazing power to naturally read more words, in a shorter time.

In fact, this isn't your average speed reading book.

It offers a mix of new and time-tested techniques, supported by research, and with detailed instructions and explanations

The tips will double to triple you reading speed with a few simple shifts. No skimmingno scanning, but reading every word with higher speed!

You'll Learn to:

- Double to triple your reading speed in a matter of minutes.

- Understand and process more information, in a shorter time.

- Remember more of what you read, whether that's for tests, exams, speeches, presentations, and more.

- Enhance vocabulary to blaze through difficult and complicated material.

- Stop your mind from wandering, and stay focused on every word.

- Strengthen your eyes and sight, to continue reading for years to come.

- Best of all, the tips are simple and easy, requiring only a few minor shifts in habits.

How will the ability to learn more skills, ace more exams, and stay more informed, while having more time for the things you love, enhance your life?

Don't wait any longer, kick start your reading today!

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