How to Grow Medical Marijuana: An in-Depth Quick Grow Guide

How to Grow Medical Marijuana: An in-Depth Quick Grow Guide Summary

Medical marijuana patients in the 14 states (at the time of this writing) that currently allow medical marijuana use now have an eBook guide to getting by with just a few plants. "How to Grow Medical Marijuana: An in-Depth Quick Grow Guide: with over 155 full-color photos/illustrations" is a very different "how-to-grow marijuana" book. Most of the instructions, currently available in book or DVD form assume the buyer wishes to grow a large and illegal amount of marijuana. This book based on Curran’s DVD shows patients how to get by with the few plants that state laws allow marijuana patients. Previously, any medical marijuana patient who wanted to get by with a few plants had to do some very serious mental arithmetic. In addition, those would be growers had to choose between a variety of methods, soil, soil-less or hydroponics which could make the task if not somewhat intimidating, at least so choice heavy that there is too much room for error. Learn How to Grow Medical Marijuana: An in-Depth Quick Grow Guide: with over 155 full-color photos/illustrations, addresses, one very specific method of growing that anyone can master. David Curran, author of The Complete Ginseng Grower’s Manual, and an agricultural writer for many years, became a medical marijuana user in 2010 after four years of increasing pain from chronic kidney stones. Says Curran, “I would sit on my couch and take codeine all day and if I barely moved I could get by without too much pain. The pain was so bad I would heat clay or rice heating pads, and put them on my side. I would get them so hot they left permanent scars, but at least the heat relieved some of the pain. Then a friend suggested medical marijuana. Before long the kidney stone pain was gone. I could walk around and do things again. Medical marijuana gave me my life back.” One of the things Curran was able to do was create a video on how to focus on growing just enough medical marijuana for one patient’s needs. This book is based on the video. Instead of covering every single method of growing, Curran picked one. According to Curran (an agricultural writer with many years of experience), the soil-less method is the easiest for anyone to master. This book chooses soil-less with a specific soil mixture, which has the advantages of hydroponics without the risks. (if you make a mistake with hydroponics all your plants may die) And presents an almost foolproof method of growing that almost anyone can master, using both CFLs and LED lights and sunlight when possible. The book covers everything from mixing the soil-less mix to how to create two small (2 x 2 x 6) grow sheds to provide a person’s medical needs with only 6 plants. There is a myth out there that only sunlight or expensive (high powered—energy consuming) sodium lamps can grow quality medicine. According to Curran it is true plants grown with LED light will not grow as “tall” as with Sodium lights (Would you really want to try and grow 16 foot plants in your apartment?), but the quality of the medicine will be as potent as the plant can provide using any other method. Curran who suffered from the intense pain of kidney stones, can attest to the method providing quality medicine from experience. The book is intended only for medical marijuana patients in the states which allow it, or their agents and by purchasing this book you indicate that you are a medical licensed marijuana patient or the agent thereof.

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