Earth Summary

This epic steampunk adventure shows us that sometimes trusting strangers can be detrimental to our health.

The journal's codes are finally broken.

But a new puzzle is revealed.

Is it the treasure the Guild is searching for?

Khaly, the creator of dragons, and her group take time to recuperate from the last two years of war. But no rest can be had knowing the fight still raged on without them. The Guild was like a virus spreading around the world. She knew she had to find its leader, Chahara. But Khaly didn't have any idea where to start.

Thennick knows one thing...

He must find the woman who creates dragons.

What he doesn't know...

Can he trust her.

Thennick was forced from his hiding place by what was left of his family to seek help from the resistance. Haunted by nightmarish images he fought against his own fear and found the Underground. Thennick brought stories of horror plaguing his home continent of Aelborne and the thousands that were dying.

Now Khaly knows where she must go.

But there are two problems...

What monsters did the Guild create now and...

...she and her companions are stuck in the frigid mountains of Nylm Hills.

Can Khaly and her dragons make it to Aelborne before this new threat wipes them all out? What do these new puzzles refer to and can they help to win the war?

Earth the third book in the epic fantasy, Mechanical Dragons Fantasy Series, has us on the run from monsters both grotesque and unimaginable. Join the excitement and hide under the covers later!

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