Fall of a Demigod

Fall of a Demigod Summary

A demigod falls in love with a human

For the last 50 years Caim has been living the life of a demigod. 
He has been living with the evolved elves known as the Effeelions 
in a city floating in the sky. The demigod vowed the Effeelions that 
he would help them in their quest to find the realm of Cosmus. However, 
lately the demigod has been having some humanly desires. He begins to miss 
his life as a human. One day Caim witnesses how his humanly desires 
brought danger to the sky city. 

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This is an epic fantasy romance story. If you like high fantasy, otherworlds, elves, elemental magic and fairy tales then this is the book for you. Also with some japanese settings

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