The Bloodless Assassin

The Bloodless Assassin Summary

★ ★ ★ ★ ★"I AM FLAILING, THIS BOOK WAS SO GOOD!" - Emily Wrayburn, Goodreads

★ ★ ★ ★ ★"Rory and Longinus are amazingly lovable, though super quirky characters." - Jane Firebaugh, Goodreads

Blackmail an assassin? Who would do such a thing?

Well, it's not like I have a lot of other options - they're in short supply when you're a scrawny, dreadlocked pickpocket who grew up on the street. I was supposed to get a chance at a new life after saving my money for years to pay a swordmaster to train me. But my partner in crime screwed me over for all my money, so that's the end of that plan.

I'm not prepared to give up on my dream of becoming a great sword fighter, though. Which is why when I stumble across an assassin's secret, I sniff an opportunity. Blackmail can be a pretty effective strategy, after all. If he trains me, I'll keep my mouth shut.

The risks in blackmailing an assassin are pretty high, but if I can pull it off, I might finally be able to realise my dream. That is, until I find out the assassin I'm blackmailing is nothing like what I expected, and it seems I've landed myself into far more trouble than I bargained for.

Delve into The Bloodless Assassin, book 1 of a complete 9 book series that's packed with adventure, banter, and quirky characters, all set in a richly imagined tropical world.

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Book Reviews

Derrick England

The Bloodless assassin1 star

Interesting characters and the writing flows well but there is a sense of disjointedness that is hard to get passed. When the writer works hard to make something fit or explain something it is usually quickly followed by something that (and yes this is a fanciful novel) i have to suspend disbelief or worse I just ended up scratching my head wondering if her editor was awake when reading this. There are pointless dead ends or explanations of actions and plot that could stand a plausible rationale but are left to hang. I found myself wanting to like it but just couldn’t get there. Two stars as it entertained for a while before I put it down.15


Diamond in the … lace? Ponce?5 star

Unexpectedly good … after the first few chapters the flavors mix to achieve complexity belied by their … initially a trifle off-putting … rather piquant individual tangs.55


Surprisingly good!5 star

A friend recommended me this book and even thought I’ve never read this kind of books I’ve enjoyed a lot. I can’t wait the next one! #Iwanthemovie!55


Be Prepared For The Unexpected5 star

Another place, another time, and another culture. New adventures with new people. The plot continues to develop with new arch enemies that seem to be unbeatable. Of course politics must come in to play also. Friends betray and some you thought were enemies turn out to be friends! Bodies keep piling up and some killers seem to have morals and a conscious! My, what a strange and exciting place. You must read this delightful book and follow the adventures of a street kid and a gentleman assassin. You never know what you will find around the next corner, so watch out!55

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