The Ungifted Elf

The Ungifted Elf Summary

An Elf wielding a magic sword journeys to find power

For those who enjoy magic, swords and mystical creatures

Eckxio, an exiled elf, journeys to a mountain in hopes of 
gaining an ability that all elves are born with. Since his 
childhood, Eckxio was unable to cast magic and relies 
on his magic sword and shield to survive. He hopes to 
find the legendary fairy king in the mountain and believes that the 
holy entity will grant him incredible magical powers. 
Eckxio desperately fights obstacles that cross his path 
as his faith fades away. 

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Love The Hobbit? Then you will love this story. Young adults, sword and sorcery, fairy tale and epic and high fantasy readers, join Eckxio on a journey of self discovery.

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