Winds of Fate

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New York Times bestselling author Mercedes Lackey has enchanted readers since the publication of her first novel, Arrows of the Queen.Now she takes readers on another thrilling journey with the first novel in her Mage Winds series...

High magic had been lost to Valdemar when he gave his life to save his kingdom from destruction by the dark sorceries. Now it falls to Elspeth Herald, heir to the throne, to take up the challenge and seek a mentor who will awaken her mage abilities.

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Just Not That Good2 star

This book is not as good as the first one, which I loved. This one has ridiculous talking griffins, talking falcons, and other magical animals that I just don’t care about. I have loved the Heralds and their Companions in the first book, but now that pleasure has been ruined by the ridiculous characters in this book.25


mercedes lackey is a hack1 star

that’s basically it. you can get a better reading experience from dean koontz and that’s a pretty low bar15


Good book, really bad editing4 star

A well written book that I have few complaints about. The editor or whoever proofreads should be taken out and shot, or some similar punishment. There are too many errors with italics, incorrect bolding and even random numbers to count. It's pitiful that this copy got past all the checks to public consumption. If I were the author and found out about this I would be livid. I doubt that so accomplished a writer such as Mercedes Lackey is would make even a fifth the errors found in the book.45


Great series5 star

This is an amazing series that explains so much about what a herald is and sets the stage for most of the books that come after it. I would like to see iBooks add the Arrows of the Queen series as they are the 3 books that originally got me interested in Mercedes Lackeys books but this is definitely not a bad starting point for readers new to the books.55

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