Angelo's Control

Angelo's Control Summary

I didn't want to like her.
I'd decided he was mine and I wasn't sharing.
But he made me see how special she was. How she gave him the pleasure all other women denied him. How strong and intelligent she was.
And how well she followed orders.
Outside the bedroom, she was a stubborn prude. In the bed, she was my obedient girl. Offering her submission on a platter.
Teaching him how to be my good boy.

I had to lose it all to gain it all.
I lost all ties to my family, lost my beloved home, and tarnished my friendship with the most important person in my life.
But I gained two boyfriends, devoted and nurturing in their own ways. I learned to support myself, to not rely on or to seek support from my parents.
And I learned I was worthy. Of happiness and freedom. And love.

These people are driving me crazy!
I was a happy, easygoing guy. Until my two battle ram lovers became my first breath every morning and my last thought every night.
Now I'm a possessive mountain of raging hormones. I have to know where they are at all times, what they're doing, who they're with.
And I have to block every threat that tries to come between me and mine.
Mine. My woman and my man. Finally.
They're worth every argument with her best friend, every confrontation with her parents, every reminder of her past reputation.
I'm so in love with them.

A BWWM MMF romance. Book 3 of 3.

Books included in this series:
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Angelo's Control (Forming a Triad Book 3)

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